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Mobile Services

Take advantage of PAYG (pay-as-you-go) SIMs, discounted 12-month contracts, and 5G services. We also offer free EU roaming and free roaming in India, so you can stay connected while you travel without incurring additional charges. By choosing the right mobile service for your needs, you can save money without compromising on quality or convenience.


We offer PAYG sims that can be used on any unlocked mobile telephone.

  • Our packages can be PAYG on a month-by-month basis.


  • You can save money by opting for a 12-month deal.


  • We use a variety of providers some of which offer free EU roaming.

12 Month Contracts

One of our providers offers a PAYG deal whereby you agree to 12 months at a fixed price at less than the PAYG price.

  • With up to Unlimited Calls and Texts we can design a package just for you.


  • No need for a 24-month contract our 12-month deal gives you the advantage of a contract phone at PAYG discounted prices.

5G Services

  • We can provide 5G mobile services. (where available)


  • This can be provided on a contract basis or as a PAYG service.


  • We can also provide 5G broadband services where it is not always possible to have fixed Broadband.


  • Are you opening a remote office on a temporary or permanent basis?


We can help with all your telecoms needs.

Free EU Roaming

Has your mobile provider started charging you when you are abroad?

  • We offer packages both on contract and on PAYG that have ZERO charges for using your phone or data ANYWHERE in the EU!


  • Also available is FREE ROAMING IN INDIA!


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