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Telephone services

including call packages, short-term contracts and pay-as-you-go options. We also provide tailored telephone services for landlords and tenants, as well as UK numbers abroad and Spanish telephone numbers. By choosing the right telephone service for your needs, you can save money on your bills without sacrificing quality or convenience.

UK Landlines

  • If you already have a BT socket anywhere on your premises. We can provide you with a UK telephone line That can supply you with All modern telecom services.


  • Telephone services can be supplied on annual or short-term contracts.


  • Don’t get tied down to a 24-month contract, with the price going up after 6 months.


  • No CPI+ price rises for the duration of your fixed-term contract. Does your existing provider offer that?

Call Packages

  • We offer a variety of call packages on our Land Line Telephone packages.


  • You can opt for PAYG.


  • You can opt for a call package that suits you.


  • Packages include Free calls to Landlines Free calls to UK Mobiles Free international calling.

short term contracts

  • Perhaps you are renting short term and you are not sure how long you’ll be there.


  • We offer telephone service contracts on a one-month rolling contract, or on a 3-month rolling contract.


  • We offer fixed-term contracts covering 6 months and 12 months.


  • Whatever your circumstances we can Save Money Now on telephone charges today.


  • Why get tied down to a 24-month contract when you don’t know how long you’ll need it for?

PAYG Land Lines

If you need a landline and are unsure how long for, we can design a Land Line service Tailored to your individual needs at an affordable rate.

Can your existing provider say that?

Telephone Services For Landlords

Many landlords would like to offer telephone and Internet services to their tenants.

Whether you lease out an Executive penthouse loft, a family home or an HMO, we have a package that you can offer your tenants as part of the rent.

  • Our packages are designed so that you offer the best professional service without the liability of long-term contracts.


  • We can limit the calls that can be made to your requirements.

Telephone Services for Tenants

Many Tenants require telephone or broadband services but can’t sign up for a 24-month contract, we’re here to help.

  • Offering rolling contracts on a month-by-month basis or on a 3-month basis we can tailor a package to your individual needs.


  • If you’re a Tenant who just moved into your home or if you’re a new business we are here to help.

UK Number Abroad

There are many times you may require a UK telephone number in a foreign country.

  • Perhaps you rent out a holiday home or a caravan.


  • Perhaps you are targeting a predominantly British customer base and want to make it easy for them to get in touch.


  • We can port a UK telephone number onto any foreign telephone number including mobile.


  • Doesn’t matter if you need a Central London Number, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast or from anywhere else. Call us today and have your UK number set up right away!

Spanish Telephone Number

We have an ongoing contract with a Spanish telecom provider that can provide you with a Spanish Telephone number. So if you are a UK-based business with a Spanish customer base. We’re here to help.

  • Perhaps you want to make it easier for your Spanish family to get in touch without all those long distance international phone calls.

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